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Singalong Performances

The aim of our Singalong performances is to offer a fun, engaging, moving and accessible experience of God's story at Christmas and Easter. While the cast will have "lived the story" for a few months, the audience have a opportunity to align their story with God's story to find love and hope

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Singalong Rehearsals

Singalong rehearsals are open to anyone and everyone. We rehearse the amazing songs and chat through the story as we prepare for the big production day.


Later in the rehearsal season, we audition for main parts​, record the script and practice with the animated scenery using the 200" projection system and the production takes shape. 

Pre-recording the script and using puppets and silhouetted mime to tell the story enables everyone to be involved from the least to the most confident member of the cast.

Why not join us?

Singalong Christmas 2023


to be confirmed 

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"It's the best party every week!"

Choir Member

"It was amazing to feel that Mary went through such a hard time and that gives me hope when I experience tough times."

Audience member

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